Our Team

board of directors

Miwa Natsuki

Founder, President

Miwa Natsuki, MA, began her career in the fitness industry in 2005 at UC Berkeley, when she was trained to become a Group Exercise instructor while pursuing her undergraduate degree. Since then, she has completed her graduate degree in Kinesiology, with a focus on education and behavior change, at Saint Mary’s College. Miwa now offers personal training, health coaching and various group fitness classes and workshops around the Bay Area. As a fitness and wellness educator and coach, Miwa’s goals are to help others achieve their health and fitness goals and to empower them with knowledge and skills necessary to be in charge of their health and fitness.

Creation of UrbanPlay is based on her research during her graduate studies, experience working with kids through various organizations and also her many years of experience working as personal trainer and health coach with the adult population. Furthermore, her passion to create UrbanPlay is fueled by her own transformation from being an overweight and sedentary kid.

Miwa is also the Assistant Director of Fitness at UC Berkeley’s Department of Recreational Sports, where she oversees various Fitness programs for students, staff and faculty. Recently, she opened Studio360, a personal training studio, with few of her friends where she offers health coaching and personal training. And she is also the co-founder of Urbankick, a kickboxing format that blends High Intensity Interval Training for a full body workout.


Founder, Vice President

Shane Barnard, JD, is NASM, ACE and AFAA certified and the co-founder of Urbanplay and founder of Urbankick.  Shane has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry but it was her work as an attorney for children in foster care that brought her passion for fitness to the younger populations.  She witnessed a growing health crisis among our youth and wanted to help by bringing education and movement to this under-served population.  She currently teaches at Crunch, Fitness SF and UC Berkeley where she is a health coach. Shane is a CEC provider for ACE and AFFA and honored ambassador for lululemon and Larabar.


Bill Manning has been working in the field of fitness, wellness and sport management as an educator, management professional and consultant for many years.   He completed his academic degrees in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology at the University of California, Berkeley where he joined the faculty in 1970. In 1978, he moved into management positions at UCB and served as Director of Recreational Sports (1978-1990) and Executive Director of Recreational Sports/Senior Associate Athletic Director (1991-2001).   In 2001, he was asked to assume the directorship of the Graduate Program in Sports Management at the University of San Francisco where he had been teaching part-time since 1990.  

He joined the Kinesiology faculty at Saint Mary’s College (SMC) in 2004. In addition to teaching, he has served as Chair of the Kinesiology Department and Director of the Graduate program. In addition, he was Director of the Sport Management concentration in the Professional MBA program.

His professional contributions over the years have included stints as President of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), Vice President of the California Association of Health, Physical Education and Dance (CAHPERD) and President of the Board of Education for the Alameda (CA) Unified School District.


Sharon L. Poczter is a professor in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management in the Cornell College of Business. An award-winning teacher and researcher, she studies and teaches business strategy and issues related to firms’ response to financing issues. Her research has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals and garnered research awards at major conferences. In her public work, Poczter is interested in uncovering the fallacies told to the general public regarding economics, policy, and social issues, using a truly independent lens based on economics. She exposes these fallacies in her nationally syndicated columns, which are featured in The Hill, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, American Banker, and Fox News, among other outlets. She has also commented on economic issues on major international and national radio and television programs, including several programs on Bloomberg Radio, Voice of America, and Fox News.

Sharon is a leading voice in the public conversation on women’s leadership. Her economic take on a woman’s choice to work was featured in Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and she frequently writes and talks about this issue publicly.

Sharon received her BS in Applied Economics from Cornell University and her MA and PhD in business and public policy from the University of California Berkeley. Sharon has also been an fitness instructor and enthusiast since 2008.


Vanessa is Miwa’s best friend from college and Urbanplay’s business administration and organization expert. As a mother to an active and adorable toddler, she has a soft spot for all things kid-related, so joining the Urbanplay team wasn’t a hard sell at all! While her relationship to fitness isn’t a professional one, she’s an avid and aspiring Hula dancer and through Hula has found a path to physical and emotional wellness. As such, she’s fully committed to Urbanplay’s goals to provide the education and tools that empower youth to find their own unique path to fitness and wellness.

Coaches + support team

Amy Costello

Amy Costello is a certified group fitness instructor, teaching HIIT and UrbanKick classes for Crunch Gym and Fitness SF. An East Bay native, Amy was involved in swimming, softball, competitive dance, and cheerleading. These activities fostered Amy’s passion for fitness, as well as helped to impress upon her the importance and power of teamwork.

Andra Enoiu

Andra’s passion for fitness began in high school where she competed in cross-country and track and continued to develop when she discovered how cross training could prevent injury and help her reach her running goals. She currently offers personal training and fitness classes throughout the Bay Area. As a fitness instructor she fosters a supportive and welcoming environment so that members leave each class feeling stronger, healthier and more confident. She believes exercise needs to be fun and exciting in order to engage others, especially youth. Simply, you have to love it do it. When she worked as a camp counselor in LA County, she witnessed sedentary children who were more interested in playing video games then running around and playing active games. Her goal is to make UrbanPlay the best part of a child’s day so that they continue to make their health and fitness a priority in their lives.

Jenna Bernard

Over the years, Jenna has been an active member of many sports teams that include basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, cross country, and rowing crew. Her experiences in these teams have helped her to truly appreciate and love the community building and improved health that group fitness can offer. She currently teaches group fitness classes such as High Intensity Interval Training and Urbankick throughout the bay area. In addition to instructing and coaching people in the fitness setting, Jenna works with young adults in an academic setting at the Science and Health Education Partnership at the University of California San Francisco. By working with Urbanplay, Jenna hopes to help establish a culture of fitness and health in communities. During her free time she enjoys dancing, traveling, and going to farmer’s markets.

Randy Myers

Randy Myers offers personal training and teaches indoor cycling and boot camps in the East Bay and in San Francisco. Randy believes that fitness professionals need to make exercising FUN and EDUCATIONAL for all ages. As the kid who sometimes was picked last in P.E. class, Randy realizes the importance of motivating and encouraging young people on a path to wellness and confidence. Randy loves to bike, run, exercise, take HIIT classes, and devour books and movies. He also review movies for the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, and Contra Costa Times.