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Youth Wellness Program

Are you looking for something new and fun to get your youth moving? Do you want to provide educational opportunities where they can learn about their fitness and health? The Urbanplay is what you’re looking for!

Urbanplay’s youth wellness program promotes healthy choices and active lifestyles by combining PLAY, (think games, fitness activities, and fun movement) with EDUCATION. Each class will vary in games and activities to keep kids engaged and excited. The class is designed and led by a certified Urbanplay instructor who are trained to customize programs, teach lessons, work with K-12 students, and encourage collaboration among all participants. Our program is designed to improve their strength endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, athletic abilities and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to create POSITIVE & FUN learning experiences so kids walk away feeling their best – motivated and confident in their ability to move, build healthy habits, and take charge of their health.

Why choose UrbanPlay?

UrbanPlay wants to make fitness and health education as fun and easy as possible, both for the kids and for you. We recognize that each school/organization has different needs, goals, and resources. One size does not fit all when it comes to health and we believe the same for our program. Whether you are looking for weekly classes or a one-day workshop, we will personally work with you to develop the optimal program for your school/organization. We treat each program with individual attention and customize our session to fit your situation in the following ways:

  • We provide trained, professional coaches. All UrbanPlay coaches have passed a Livescan Background test and are certified fitness professionals. In addition, they go through UrbanPlay’s rigorous and ongoing training in curriculum development, education techniques, and crowd management strategies.
  • We collaborate. To engage participants in the program, UrbanPlay structures its program with age-appropriate play and education. Our founders work closely with the coaches, gathering feedback and fine tuning curriculum to ensure that each session becomes progressively tailored to the participants
  • We provide a low instructor-to-student Ratio. To ensure individual safety and class quality, UrbanPlay provides one coach for every 10 students.
  • We are flexible. UrbanPlay collaborates with the organization to determine the best schedule to accommodate the maximum number of participants. UrbanPlay can organize indoor and outdoor onsite sessions to meet any space constraints an organizations may have.
  • We bring everything onsite. UrbanPlay provides all equipment and materials for the sessions. If the organization wishes to use its own equipment to supplement the activities, UrbanPlay instructors can coordinate with school officials to use their equipment.
  • We have fun! Urbanplay believes having FUN is the key to success of the program. By combining education with play, we are committed to creating fun learning experiences that will increase intrinsic motivation and self-confidence.

General UrbanPlay Class/Workshop Structure

  • Warm Up. To engage the class, UrbanPlay devotes the first portion of each session to interactive games that get kids up and moving. Sample warm ups include Simon Says and EveryBody’s IT with a fitness-focused approach. For new classes, UrbanPlay incorporate icebreakers to get kids interacting and learning about each other.
  • Education. UrbanPlay incorporates  1-3 mini-lessons about various wellness topics, such as facts about the human body, exercise, nutrition, and fitness. Sample education lessons include the relationships between physiology and specific exercises. We categorize our lessons under 3 broad themes:
    • FITNESS | Any topic that relates to the human body and exercise, including various types of exercise/training and how it impacts our health and fitness
    • NUTRITION | Encompasses topics from basic nutrition to the relationship between nutrition and fitness.
    • HEALTH| Includes wide-range of topics that relates to overall wellness such as energy balance, sleep, goal setting, and stress management.
  • Play. Every mini-lesson is followed by a game that reinforce what they just learned. Depending on the length of the class, the number of games/activities will vary.
  • Review and Reflection. UrbanPlay devotes 5-10 minutes at the end of each class to review and reflect upon the day’s lessons and activities, helping students better understand and develop strategies to apply their knowledge and skills into their daily lives.
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