Draw Your Wellness Wheel!

**If you haven’t checked out our “What is Wellness?” post, click here before you read on!**

Now that you are familiar with each puzzle piece that makes up our wellness, let’s put your puzzle pieces together to illustrate your wellness. For this activity, your finished puzzle is going to look like a wheel, which is why we call it the wellness wheel. And each of your puzzle piece will be shaped like a slice of pizza. If you google wellness wheel, most wellness wheels are illustrated with equal parts like this.

It might be ideal to have a super balanced wellness wheel with equal parts, but that’s usually not the case. Most likely, your wellness wheel is going to look more like this.

Or this.

Activity 1: Draw Your PRESENT Wellness Wheel

On your activity sheet, we want you to illustrate your wellness wheel in the PRESENT moment. The size of each puzzle piece will depend on what percent of your time and energy are dedicated towards it. When you add up all the percentages, it should total 100%. And here’s the thing, you can say 0% for any of the health dimensions. Maybe it’s because you haven’t had the time or energy to dedicate towards it. Or maybe it’s because you don’t see that as being part of your wellness. We want you to be honest with where you are RIGHT NOW. No judgements! And every behavior, small or big, counts. If you were able to list at least one behavior that contributed, then that definitely deserves at least 1-2% in your wellness wheel! Here’s an example:

Celebrate Your SUCCESS!

Take a moment (or few moments) to look at your list of behaviors and wellness wheel. Each behavior is a SUCCESS! If you’re thinking, “But I only did one thing for my _______ health,” you’re not alone. It’s natural to think about all the behaviors that you wanted to do or could have done, but didn’t. Here’s what we think: you could have done NOTHING, but you didn’t. You did something! That’s awesome so give yourself a pat on the back!

Activity 2: Draw Your FUTURE Wellness Wheel

Now let’s illustrate your FUTURE wellness wheel. What do you WANT your wellness wheel to look like in the future? This wellness wheel will be what you will be striving for when you set your behavior goals. Maybe you want your wellness wheel to look super balanced like this:

Or maybe you decide to really prioritize your physical health and social health this year over the other health dimensions. So it might look like this.

Again, no judgements. Make it what you WANT it to look like.


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